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Laser Hair Removal Houston: Everything You Need To Know

In Houston, laser hair removal is a popular procedure for both women and men who want a permanent hair free smooth skin. The treatment is a clinically approved method for removing unwanted hair on the body. It takes approximately four to six sessions to completely erase the hair. With advanced technology, laser hair removal Houston can treat all skin types and hair colors.

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Procedures which ensures no more waxing of hair, shaving, tweezing or plucking are performed. It is a painless, safe, efficient and long-lasting practice. Compared to traditional shaving , it is more comfortable hair removal method giving the clients increased confidence due to the guaranteed silky, smooth and beautifully bare skin across the whole body. There is no more use of creams or messy gels which are a threat to the skin.

Packages offered in Houston include:

1. A Full Body Laser Hair Removal Package: This is a treatment offered from head to toe. Both men and women can take the full body laser hair removal package and it takes about six sessions to complete.

2. Full Face and Neck Package Laser Hair Removal: This is a complete package for the full face and neck. Both men and women can be treated and takes approximate six sessions.

3. Mix and Match Package Laser Hair Removal: This is a package for any of the following for areas; upper legs, lower legs, full face, full bikini, upper arms, lower arms, chest, upper back, lower back and under arms. It takes a period of about six sessions.

4. T-shirt Package Laser Hair Removal: This includes full back, Abs, shoulders, upper arms, and chest treatment. It requires about six sessions to treat.

5. Full Bikini and Under arms Laser Hair Removal: This is a complete package for the entire bikini area and under arms. This is a treatment package for six sessions.

How the Hair is Removed During this Procedure:

Laser Hair Removal Houston is performed by professionals who are gentle on your body ensuring reduced side effects. It uses technology which offers greater speed, safety, and maximum client satisfaction.

The Laser emits an intense invisible beam of light which penetrates the skin without no pain. At the hair follicle, the light absorbed is converted into heat. The surrounding cells are destroyed by the heat hence the hair stops growing. A repeat of four to six sessions allows a complete removal of the hair follicles. These procedures are done one after the other in phases.

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Pre-care instructions before laser hair removal Houston include:

1. Do not pluck, tweeze or wax during your treatment

2. Do not use bleaches or hair removal creams during the treatment

3. Do not use sunblock with SPF 30 on the areas to be treated and are exposed to the sun.

The benefits of the treatment in Houston are as follows:

  • It helps save money on waxing agents, razors, and tweezers;
  • Laser hair removal ensures no ingrown hair;
  • It also ensures that you have a silky smooth skin;
  • It ensures that you do not have embarrassing facial hairs;
  • Laser hair removal helps you enjoy a lifestyle in the beach and swimming pool with comfortable attires for outdoor activities.

The treatment is performed by trained and experienced aesthetic staff.

Clients should schedule an appointment with the treatment providers and enjoy in Houston.